Tailor Made Software Solutions

Convert Email and Excel Table Chaos to Safe, Efficient and Scalable Workflow Systems.

Custome Softwares are Cut Out for Your Unique Business

  • Personnel Management
  • Special Accounting Softwares
  • Special Order Softwares
  • Softwares for Restaurants


Instead of using offline programs that you use on a daily basis which do not respond to your needs, we produce custom online software that will give you the maximum benefit you need. Practically and in the least time. Or because of the lack of demand, we can develop online software that is not present in the market and maybe even the first example. Applications that cover more than one person, group and task can be developed specifically for you to make private sales through your website, set up dealership systems and also to create and manage in-house units through your website, or work tracking.

Automate all your workflows!

Convert Email and Excel Table Chaos to Safe, Efficient and Scalable Workflow Systems.

Your work desk is unique to you. The locations of the items on the desk, the drawer order and the layout, as well as the location and operation of the desktop files on your computer are completely unique to you. Only you can know the most efficient and fast working order. For many people, a package to be written for general use can reflect the tastes and working patterns of minimum customers and system installers. Or, as we often encounter, many managers and white-collar employees rely on Excel spreadsheets because there is no package software that addresses their work. By writing macros in difficult problems, they monitor work by sharing Excel files over secure and unstable local networks.
Let’s solve these two big problems together. Web-based, accessible from anywhere, at the same time over hundreds of people can do transactions, transfer, backup, update issues, encrypted and hidden under your request to develop software that works. Don’t worry, you can print your workflows or product-orders at any time in our web-based applications to Excel spreadsheets at any time.

How Does This Contribute in Your Business?

A Dress That Fits Your Exact Body

Special software is ideal for creating custom workflows to the finest detail. Even the companies that produce or sell the same goods in the same sector may have different yoghurt tastes. We can update your patched steps, which you are trying to follow through Excel documents, email correspondence or especially Excel, with web-based, mobile-compatible, automated backup systems. In addition, user authorization and approval processes can be integrated into the system very quickly and automatically.

Don’t Worry About Security and Syncs

All security and version updates are done on the server side. There are no problems such as virus infection, formatting, system crash. Any server-side updates will be immediately available to users. You don’t have to bother to transfer files as you would in Excel spreadsheets. Because there is no need to transfer. You can print your tables at any time, download them to the desktop.

Follow Your Business From All Over The World

With superior accessibility, you can access all your customer and business data, even at the other end of the world. You can use our software regardless of location by logging in from your desktop, tablet or smartphone. In addition, thanks to the platform-independent structure of each operating system (Mac OS, Windows, Linux, etc …) and you can have an application running smoothly in each browser. You have the opportunity to move your business to wherever you go and follow all the work.

Save Time and Money!

Special software motivates you in achieving medium and long term plans and goals, and most importantly, allowing you to do your own work, your favorite job with pleasure. Working in harmony with the plans in your mind will bring together performance and gain. In addition, employees do not lose time to deal with a system they are in constant trouble with, they can work in the most efficient way by concentrating on their work.

How Do We Do It?

We Get in Touch With You and provide aproppriate software consultancy for your business.

We analyze your business and determine your needs.

We start coding your unique software and get feedbacks from you continuously.

We test and publish the software and keep developing it as long as you need it.