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Social media has become an indispensable part of the daily life of people from all walks of life and plays a big role in the interactions of people. The existence of companies in this powerful medium is very important for themselves and their customers. up to realize this company has already begun to reap the benefits of social media even brought … That plus the “Digital in 2016” Report on the use of data concerning Turkey;
79.14 million people living in Turkey,
 The number of users connected to the Internet:  46.3 million.
46.3 Million internet users 42 million who actively use social media.
36 million of 42 million social media users are connected via mobile devices.
77% of Internet users are online every day and 16% are connected to the Internet at least once a week.

Social Media Ads and Account Management

Reach More Followers and Customers!

We automatically share your continuous articles in news, announcements, articles and special text formats on your site on popular Social Media accounts such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn and Pinterest. In this way, we provide you a fast and practical solution for supplying content which is one of the most effective methods in Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Publish your content on your site only once, and automatically share it on your social media accounts instantly.

How Does It Contribute In Your Business?

Boost the Popularity of Your Brand

When the need of your target group is revealed, the brands in that field come to people’s minds to eliminate that need. According to experts, people can keep an average of  7 brands in their minds in every need area. This is a great advantage for you to see if your brand comes to mind when a someone’s need is revealed and your success in the point of sale will be greater.

Evaluate the Feedbacks

The feedback shows the direction in which we move on the road. With detailed reporting, you can assess your sales and marketing strategies more flexibly by evaluating feedback from your potential and real customers. With social media, reaching, gathering and evaluating feedback has become much faster.

Boost the Loyalty of Your Customers

Social media gives brands the opportunity to interact directly with their customers. That’s why social media platforms can help brands to create customer loyalty. Social sharing allows you to create brand loyalty and provide personal information to people in a short time.

Touch Your Potential Customers

Social media is a way for us to not only spend our time online, but also share our real-life interactions. Brands are increasingly looking for ways to use the connection between people and themselves, using their online experience to transfer their online campaigns to the real world and using customer experiences.

How Do We Do It?

Account Investigation and Status Report

Strategy Determination

Publishing Ads and Posts

Account Analysis and Conclusion Report