We Provide Service in All Digital Platforms.


As Turk Dijital, we have designed and managed many e-commerce sites of different companies from different areas, we made photography and video production of those places and their products when needed, optimized their websites for search engines (SEO), made their websites available for all digital maps platforms and we also provided them 360 Degree Virtual Tour service. With the experience we have gained from all these jobs and time of work, we keep providing you high quality service in web design and related fields. It is obvious that all the companies, no matter how large or small it is, need a website and a web design support.Web Design, E-Commerce and more. Turk Dijital

We work with heart and soul to keep designing the best web sites and optimize them and collect more satisfied customers.


We can Briefly Describe the services we give as below:

Even though fashion trends, coding practices and publishing platforms change in a web site, there are some indispensable phenomenons.


Responsive Web Design

These are can be briefed as:

  • Modern Design
  • Reliable Infrastructure (Coding, publishing and backups)
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Availability
  • Continuous Technical Support
  • As Türk Dijital, we have collected so many satisfied customers in years.


Social Media Ads and Account Management

Social media has become an indispensable part of the daily life of people from all walks of life and plays a big role in the interactions of people. The existence of companies in this powerful medium is very important for themselves and their customers. up to realize this company has already begun to reap the benefits of social media even brought … That plus the “Digital in 2016” Report on the use of data concerning Turkey;

79.14 million people living in Turkey,

The number of users connected to the Internet:  46.3 million.

46.3 Million internet users 42 million who actively use social media.

36 million of 42 million social media users are connected via mobile devices.

77% of Internet users are online every day and 16% are connected to the Internet at least once a week.


E-Commerce Online Payment System

Physical stores have to be in a certain position due to their structure. Companies with more than one store must also be in a certain position. However, having an online store does not limit you to a particular location. To reach consumers, you don’t have to wait for them to come to your store. After you set up your ecommerce site, you can reach any city or region in the World. When you sell online, you have the chance to eliminate the limits. In this way, you don’t have to stay connected to the people passing in front of your store when you can  reachi a wider audience.


Chatbot and Artificial Intelligence

The Chatbot app will definitely change the way we use our phones and computers, and will shape our future in a very different way with the special algorithms they have. Of course, these changes are limited to our imagination today. Perhaps we are experiencing the early stages of a very radical revolution that can go beyond all these assumptions. The reason for seeing this revolution may be that our perception today is very limited and quite ordinary. The potential of this technology is really huge.


Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

%75 of the customers make a Google search before they visit a management or make a purchase. Updating search engine location data helps customers reach the right information about their location in their research from mobile devices when they leave their homes or on the road. In addition to that, whatever way your customers use to reach you, you will be more reliable by providing them correct contact information.


Instutional and Custom Software Solutions

Instead of using offline programs that you use on a daily basis which do not respond to your needs, we produce custom online software that will give you the maximum benefit you need. Practically and in the least time. Or because of the lack of demand, we can develop online software that is not present in the market and maybe even the first example. Applications that cover more than one person, group and task can be developed specifically for you to make private sales through your website, set up dealership systems and also to create and manage in-house units through your website, or work tracking.



Digital Maps (Google, Apple, Yandex)

In the maps, you may see many wrong streets an deven some businesses marked in the wrong city. It is unfortunately not possible for many enterprises to take part in this complex structure by their own means. By publishing your business information with Turkish Digital, you can increase your business’s visibility in internet services by hundreds of times in location based search results from all devices. In addition, the first time you visit your business to the consumers which channel comes from the right information to provide your business by providing confidence. This increases the chances of converting consumers to loyal customers. With the Turkish Digital Maps service, you can be sure that your business is correctly marked on all online maps and navigation devices.



Photography and Video Production

Because millions of people are watching videos at home, work, on Street, at a hangout one their PC’s, laptops, smartphones and tablets. Viewing rate increases by %40 per year! Türk Dijital is a solution partner for online video content production! Online videos increase your site traffic by 157%, 70% in mind, and 85% in purchasing. In addition to product promotional videos, corporate promotional films and event clips, our team that brings productivity to video-enhancing in-house video designs, as well as video presentation, is carrying out creative projects that will meet the demanding video needs of the business world in the fastest and most economical way.