Search Engine Optimization – SEO

You Will Be Surprised How Many Customers You Could’nt Reach!

Your Competitors May Be Stealing Your Customers At:

  • Google
  • Google My Business
  • Yandex
  • Bing
  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Twitter
  • LinkedIn


%75 of the customers make a Google search before they visit a management or make a purchase. Updating search engine location data helps customers reach the right information about their location in their research from mobile devices when they leave their homes or on the road. In addition to that, whatever way your customers use to reach you, you will be more reliable by providing them correct contact information.

Upgrade Your Business Information In All Search Engines!

You Will Be Surprised How Many Customers You Could’nt Reach!

Search Engine Optimization is a system that depends on hundreds of parameters. Basically it can be examined in two parts as Internal SEO and external SEO. External SEO is a work that needs to be done on a regular basis, which has nothing to do with Web Design service and cost. In general, the site’s original article and link work includes ads from Google AdWords, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Internal SEO operations are started when your Website is at the design and coding stage, and is done according to timely and globally accepted standards in the appropriate code software, introduction, content and result sections.

Take Off With the Highest Technology!

Don’t Be Sold Down The River, Let Your Products Be Sold!

Customers can find attractive offers from your competitors when searching for information about businesses such as location and working hours in search engines. If you have location pages that are not well managed and listed in the bottom row, it may be your customers’ mind that the directory or review sites where your competitors are listed appear high. According to the surveys, 61% of the customers go to the offers offered by the competitors, while 39% prefer the same business as loyal customers.

Rocket Speed Loaded Mobile Pages

Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) is a coding method that can make mobile pages faster to open, depending on the guidelines developed by Google. Google AMP guidelines and verified pages are stored in the Google cache and are intended to increase the user experience of the mobile Internet by faster loading on the user side.

Be Different With Your Structured Data!

Structured Data is a collaborative work carried out by Google, Microsoft, and Yahoo !, to improve the web by creating a common dictionary to define data on the web. When marking is added to webpages (including Google search), many companies and products understand the data on your site. Similarly, if you include markup in your HTML-formatted e-mail, Gmail as well as other e-mail products can understand your data.

Advantage in Organic Search Results

Powerful reviews and images of your business and products help your business appear online to customers. Google My Business is considered equivalent to organic results in Google Search. Even in many cases, the listing is above the organic results. These results are shown taking into account the geographic location of the user.

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