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Make Sales in Cities You Have Never Even Been!

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Physical stores have to be in a certain position due to their structure. Companies with more than one store must also be in a certain position. However, having an online store does not limit you to a particular location. To reach consumers, you don’t have to wait for them to come to your store. After you set up your ecommerce site, you can reach any city or region in the World. When you sell online, you have the chance to eliminate the limits. In this way, you don’t have to stay connected to the people passing in front of your store when you can  reachi a wider audience.

Let’s Open Your Biggest Branch That Works 24/7!

Reach Larger Audiences with Different Advertising and Promotion Methods!

When you have an e-commerce site, you have the chance to serve 24/7 on the internet. When you set up your online store and showcase your products here, you are ready to serve consumers every day of the year and around the clock. You have the opportunity to reach out to consumers through your site without having to rely on certain working hours and limits. You will also have the opportunity to take advantage of many different advertising models and types on the internet. You can benefit from internet ads in order to increase your brand awareness without being dependent on printed media. Sharing your physical store’s address and transportation methods will make it easier for those who reach your address information via your e-commerce site. At the same time, finding the chance to examine the products on your site also affects the purchasing decisions of consumers.

How Does This Contribute in Your Business?

Reach Larger Audiences!

eCommerce  and online payment systems enable people to reach hundreds of thousands of people in a short time by making use of the infinite sea of the internet with an investment in the level they desire and to make their sales in a much wider and wider perspective than in standard shops or shops. Though there are countless businesses that maintain their eCommerce systems very well, it’s definetely not too late for you to get closer to your dreams with your new branch.

Unlimited Products and Product Features!

You can define an unlimited number of product features, allowing your customers to access more easily the products they are looking for. You can even sell your suppliers’ products from your ecommerce store that are not in your inventory. By displaying your products together, you can present the visual combinations of the products and make discounts if they are purchased together.

Sales and Discounts of Your Dreams!

In accordance with many criteria such as product features, customer specifications, payment channels, you can work between the dates you want and as a result you can create rewards such as discounts, gift vouchers, free shipping. You can set up separate campaigns for each of your customers, and you can only use one campaign with your campaign customers to benefit from a campaign. You can prepare campaigns that allow a product to be sold at a discounted rate up to the stock limit you specify.

Let Your Customers Sell Your Products!

When your customers share the products you choose on social media, you can reward them with sales and discounts specific to them, for their share. You can provide your customers special advantages to meet the conditions you specify. You can also reward your customers who are new members, encourage them to invite their friends to your site, comment on the products and shop at your store.

How Do We Do It?

Sizinle temasa geçeriz. Sektörünüze uygun E-ticaret danışmanlığı veririz. We get in touch with you and provide E-Commerce consultancy for your sector.

Eticaret sitenizi doğru özelliklerle kurarız, ödeme yöntemlerine karar veririz. We build your E-Commerce site with right features and decide on payment systems.

We register products and teach you how to manage them by yourself when you need.

After SEO, ads and presentations, you can start your sales.