Let Your Customers Get Directions, Phone, Working Hours and Other Important Information About Your Business!

Your Management Info Must Be Coherent On Every Platform:

  • Google Maps
  • Google My Business
  • Foursquare
  • Apple Maps
  • Yandex Maps
  • Bing Maps
  • Facebook Here Maps
  • Open Street Maps
  • Navigation Devices


In the maps, you may see many wrong streets an deven some businesses marked in the wrong city. It is unfortunately not possible for many enterprises to take part in this complex structure by their own means. By publishing your business information with Turkish Digital, you can increase your business’s visibility in internet services by hundreds of times in location based search results from all devices. In addition, the first time you visit your business to the consumers which channel comes from the right information to provide your business by providing confidence. This increases the chances of converting consumers to loyal customers. With the Turkish Digital Maps service, you can be sure that your business is correctly marked on all online maps and navigation devices.

Your Management Info Must Be Coherent On Every Platform!

Let Your Customers Get Directions, Phone, Working Hours and Other Important Information About Your Business!

You need to register with many internet services (maps, social media, guides, etc.) in order to reach your customers correctly. Turk Dijital Lists your digital business in accordance with relevant search criteria in many sources. In this way, your customers are constantly searching for Directions, Phone, Working Hours (including Special Working Hours), your Business Category, Social Media Links and Scoring information is made available from anywhere. All your contact information for search engines is saved in the format of the marked data. Your business page also has a check mark indicating that your information is checked regularly and is always correct.

Google Maps


Facebook Here Maps




Google My Business


Apple Maps


Open Street Maps


Yandex Maps


Navigation Devices


Bing Maps

Gain Your Customer’s Confidence!

Gain Potential Customers

Our goal is not only to provide your loyal customers the right information in an updated and fast way, but also to turn consumers into potential customers who will visit your business for the first time. If a consumer cannot find your business location, or if they cannot get photos, sanctions and product / service information about your business, how can you expect them to trust your business?

Responsive Appearance On All Devices

Customers can find your business on PC’s, smartphones and tablets.Whether they serach at home or on the move, your customers can reach the same reliable info about your business by interfaces specifically designed for their device.

Advantage in Organic Search Result!

Powerful reviews and images of your business and products help your business appear online to customers. Google My Business is considered equivalent to organic results in Google Search. Even in many cases, the listing is above the organic results. These results are shown taking into account the geographic location of the user.

Appear On Search Results

Your next customer may be a click away. When you move to Google My Business with support from an expert team, you make it easier for your customers to find information about your business online, including working hours, contact information, photos, phone, social media reviews, and directions.

How Do We Do It?

We get in touch with you. and provide digital marketing consultancy for your area/sector.

We get the content and images you wish, or provide them for you.

We register your business on maps and share the links with you.

We keep you updated by optimizing content and images during the entire year.