Chatbot and Artificial Intelligence (AI)

A Robot Working 24 Hours a Day and Serving Hundreds of Customers At the Same Time

A Robot Working 24 Hours a Day and Serving Hundreds of Customers At the Same Time!

  • Call Center Robot
  • Customer Representative Robot
  • Sale Robot
  • Support Team Robot


The Chatbot app will definitely change the way we use our phones and computers, and will shape our future in a very different way with the special algorithms they have. Of course, these changes are limited to our imagination today. Perhaps we are experiencing the early stages of a very radical revolution that can go beyond all these assumptions. The reason for seeing this revolution may be that our perception today is very limited and quite ordinary. The potential of this technology is really huge.

Chatbot Revolution Has Come.

A Robot Working 24 Hours a Day and Serving Hundreds of Customers At the Same Time

Chatbots are Web-based and complex algorithms are software. In general, we can say that the intelligent communication robots that are able to respond to repetitive question patterns and even start to use similar patterns in time to learn by themselves. For example, you can order food, send your cargo, rent a house, buy electronic goods and make thousands of jobs with ChatBots.
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How Does This Contribute In Your Business?

You May Have Dozens of Customer Representatives

Chatbots have different usage scenarios in many sectors. The common point in all of these scenarios is based on the idea that things with a certain order become automated. In this way, the labor and time spent can be reduced. For example, if a company directs the same questions to each of its customers and transmits specific responses based on the answers to those questions, this scenario can also be conducted through a chatbot. The revolution of the future Contact us to meet the Chatbots!

It’s the Best at Completing Tasks.

Chatbots can be applied to many sectoral processes such as entertainment, sales, catering, insurance, e-commerce, banking, healthcare, customer service. You can also integrate ChatBots into applications such as CRM and ERP. It increases the productivity by responding to the questions of the users in your processes in your applications. For example, when you want to order food, Chatbot will make it much easier for you and only offer you options with yes and no. Within seconds you will instantly create your order and send your meal to the oven.

Nobody Waits in Line.

When receiving support, everyone is happy to receive an immediate answer to all questions without waiting in line. Chatbot allows you to respond to Frequently Asked Questions. Your customers will increase their satisfaction as soon as they receive the predefined answers for your products or services. According to the surveys, companies encounter the same questions with an average of 70% on their first contact with customers.

Customized Service

It integrates easily with a CRM application, and customers can even say that they can solve their problems before they ask. They can even call them by name and send them celebration messages on their special days. They can sell or serve them as a slave to your customers without getting tired 24/7. With TurkBot, you can make more sales and increase customer satisfaction. You can also offer unique customer experiences.

How Do We Do It?

We get in touch with you. We provide software consultancy service specifically for you area.

We analyze your business and determine your needs.

We start coding your custom chatbot and get feedbacks continuously.

We test and publish Chatbot and keep developing it as long as you need it.